Anonymous: Do you have any headcanons for theo

this is so many levels of dangerous

im so embarrassed

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i’m in a place where every little dumb thing about theo just makes meimage

i don’t know how to make it stop

hopefully it’ll pass but until then


Anonymous: Do you have headcanons about the brothers' handwriting? Especially Jan. Initially I felt like he'd go out of his way to have the most decorative penmanship possible but then I entertained the idea that his handwriting is naturally so rushed that it totally sucks, even when he tries to take his time, and he's embarrassed about it.


Because I’m such a nice person, I went out on a hunting trip for fonts for the brothers’ fancy 18th-19th century handwriting. >w<

Under a cut because it’s bloody long

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mean girls meets frozen
I'm sorry


idk about you but this is the moral i took away from frozen

honestly this isn’t even funny it’s just bitter and a little spiteful



In honor of back-to-school.


Anonymous: i feel like hans somewhat lost his faith in love and anna is just about the one he need

Lol that’s 


she has a habit of being a ray of sunshine, hope, and love in peoples’ lives

did a thing

with gel-du-cerveau's art stuff cause im a fuckin obsessed loser and i thought it’d be funny

hansotsi: Okay but he just called Emma 'good girl' wow i




Theo is pretty much like this most of the time.

Unless either Frederik’s, Erik’s or Vilhelm’s kids are around.

Then he’s like this.