Sugar and brother

mini American Eskimo <3

You stop that

My history teacher just said “royal seed”


✗  W E   M I G H T    F A L L 
              ↳ a mix for  k r i s t e l s a  

1. I Don’t Have Time to Be in Love - Priscilla Ahn
2. We Might Fall - Ryan Star
3. Speechless - The Veronicas
4. Turning Page -
  Jerome O’Connor
5. Winter Song - 
Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
6. Give Me Love -  
Ed Sheeran
7. Not About Angels - Birdy
8. You’re the Reason I Come Home -
Ron Pope

♫ ♫ ♫ listen here 

Anonymous: Theo rejects the idea of being called "daddy" and treated as such by Anna. So, she turns the suggestion over to Hans - who's totally on board with it. Theo just rolls his eyes at this at first - but as he witnesses more scenes of Hans spoiling, babying and making Anna squeal with delight when she's on his lap or in bed, a small part of Theo can't help but wish that it was him coddling Anna instead. Anna finds this out and crawls into his lap one evening, saying: "you can also be my daddy." -SAS



Let’s see if I can write a fic in the 10 minutes before class
This one will be for snuberr

It’s only a sin if you’re caught, he rationalized, knowing God was looking down from heaven and shaking his head at the priest knuckles-deep between the legs of that once-virginal underaged girl on the balcony beside him.

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gdi i posted this to the wrong blog at first

ok so yeah idk how anatomy works

just gimme dat filthy hanna smut already

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